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Cross stitch patterns by Mirabilia, Nora Corbett, Kustom Kraft and landscape designs. New
patterns being added regularly and patterns may also be special ordered.  My sources for cross
stitch patterns are www.hoffmandis.com and www.wichelt.com.  I can order anything they offer
and regular pricing is 20 to 25% below regular retail.  Please email sales@needleworkplus.com
with any requests or questions.

Pattern Florentina by Nora Corbett MD138

MD138 Florentina by Nora Corbett cross stitch pattern  $12.40
Design measures 12 x 18.44" stitched on 16/32ct White
Chocolate fabric By Wichelt Imports and uses DMC floss,
Caron Waterlilies 094, 108, 167, 185, 244, 251 and 273.  Also
needed are kreinik #4 braid colors #202HL and 215C.  Mill Hill
beads #02024 and 42011.  Mill Treasure #13051.

Pattern md136 Christmas in London by Mirabilia

MD136 Christmas in London by Mirabilia  $12.40
Cross stitch design measures 13.75 x 18.6" stitched on 32/16ct
fabric using DMC floss, MH beads 00081, 00525, 02033(2),
02038, 02077(2), 02084, 16010, 16081, 18825, 42027(2),
62047, 72010(2), MH Treasures 13017 and 13051(10).
Expected in stock after Christmas.  Please email
sales@needleworkplus.com to pre-order pattern, fabric and beads.

Pattern Queen Mariposa by Mirabilia cross stitch MD133

MD133 Queen Mariposa by Mirabilia  $11.20
Cross stitch design measures 11.25 x 16.25"
stitched on 32ct Desert Sand linen using DMC floss,
MH beads, Mill Hill treasure #13015, Caron Waterlily
#073 Charcoal and krenik #4 braid color 080HL.

Pattern Persephone Cross Stitch by Mirabilia

MD127  Persephone by Mirabilia $11.20 ( pattern )
Cross stitch design measures 12.5 x 18.75 stitched on 32ct Pink Sand
linen using DMC floss, Caron Waterlilies ( 063 and 210 ),
MH beads ( 00525, 02010, 02011, 02016, 02077, 02085
02096, 03048, 16609, 62038 and 82023 ).

Pattern Cassiopeia $11.20 by Mirabilia CROSS STITCH

MD131  Cassiopeia  $11.20 by Mirabilia
Design measures 12.25 x 11.63" stitched on 32ct ( 16ct ) Twilight
Blue fabric using DMC floss, MH Beads ( 00358, 02009 (2), 02074,
02085 (2), 02097, 03027 and 42011(3).  Waterlilies 041, 163, 177,
209 and 210.  Kreinik #4 braid in colors 002HL, 027 and 052F.

Pattern Sunrise Lugana Mermaid by Nora Corbett

NC211 Sunrise Lugana Mermaid by Nora Corbett
cross stitch pattern $9.60

Design measures 8.31 x 10.75 stitched on 32 ct white linen using
DMC floss, Caron Waterlilies 072, 083 and 162, Mill Hill beads
02033, 02038, 02078, 02097 and 03057.  Also needed is
Mill Hill treasure 13091 (2).

Pattern Coral Charms NC193 by Nora Corbett

NC193 Coral Charms by Nora Corbett cross stitch pattern  $10.40
Stitched on 32ct/16ct Waterlily fabric the design of this lovely
mermaid measures 7.7 x 11.4" and uses DMC floss, MH Beads
00165, 00252, 00423, 02003, 02031, 02033 and Kreinik #4
braid in color 015L.

Pattern Mermaid Letter K cross stitch

14-1747 Letters from Mermaids K by Nora Corbett

Design measures 5.6 x 6.75" stitched on 32 count
Waterlily linen using Classic Colorworks floss, Kreinik
Blending Filament and #4 braid and Mill Hill beads.

Pattern Mermaid Letter L cross stitch

14-1748 Letters from Mermaids L by Nora Corbett $10.40
Design measures 7.8 x 7.75 stitched on 32 count Waterlily linen using
Classic Colorworks floss and Mill Hill beads.

Pattern Faerie Summer Love by Nora Corbett cross stitch

NC202 Faerie Summer Love by Nora Corbett  $9.60
Cross stitch design measures 8.1 x 10.1" stitched on
32ct/16ct Ocean Kiss fabric using DMC floss, MH
beads ( 00332, 02031, 18831 ) and kreinik #4 braid
in colors #034 and 850.

Pattern Halloween Just Cross Stitch 2015

New from Just Cross Stitch
2015 Halloween Magazine
full of fun and spooky cross stitch
projects for All Hallows Eve.
Whether you choose the adorable
owl pictured to the left, the useful
sewing basket ( #88 ), the cute candy
bowls ( #58 ) or the Trick or Treat
bag ( #103 ) you're sure to find
something extra special for everyone
to enjoy during the holiday.
Needlework Plus price is $7.99

Pattern halloween Just Cross Stitch 2015 Back
Pattern Real Roses by The Drawn Thread CROSS STITCH

DR225  Real Roses By The Drawn Thread  $7.95 pattern
Design measures 3.43 x 14.75 stitched on 32ct Summer khaki
or Antique Ivory belfast using Needlepoint Silks.

14-2200 Snowflake Ornaments pattern by ScissorTail
Designs  $7.20

Five ornament designs stitched on 28ct Stoney Point
linen using WDW Icicle, Petite Treasure Braid PB10
and Mill Hill Antique beads #03041White Opal.

Pattern Snowflake Ornaments By Scissortail Designs
Pattern Whaling Ship Sewing Tray and Pinkeep

14-2247 Whaling Ship Sewing Tray pattern by Stacy
Nash Primitives  $11.20

Tray measures 8 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 3" stitched on 35 count
Dove linen by Weeks Dye Works.  Threads used are
GAST Chamomile, Cranberry, Carriage Black,
Straw Bonnet ( 2 ), Black Licorice and Tin Bucket.
GAST thread Pack #0083 $12.25

Pattern The Quaker Keeper by Amaryllis Artworks

14-2206 The Quaker Keeper pattern by Amaryllis Artworks  $14.40
White design is stitched on 40 count flax
linen using Caron Waterlilies in color #077
Royal Jewels and DMC floss #3371.  The
darker version is stitched on 32 count Natural
brown linen by Wichelt.
A ( 12 oz ) tuna can is used for the base.
Detailed instruction for finishing included.

Pattern Long May She Wave by Blackberry Lane Designs

15-1780 Long May She Wave cross stitch pattern  $12.80
Pattern includes 4 separate designs stitched on 28ct white
linen using DMC threads.  Scissor fob measures 2 3/4" x 2 1/2"
stitching over 1 thread.  Star ornament measures 5 1/4" x 5".

Pattern Hollyhock Cat Cross Stitch

15-1709 Hollyhock Cat cross stitch pattern by Lena
Lawson Needlearts  $9.60

Colorful kitty measures 5w x 9 1/2h stitched on 14/28 ct fabric using
DMC floss.

Pattern Fairy and Owl cross stitch by Lena Lawson

15-1707  Fairy and Owl cross stitch pattern by Lena Lawson
Needlearts  $12.80

This cute couple measure 10 5/8"w x 12 5/8" h when stitched on
14/28ct fabric.  DMC floss used throughout cross stitch design

Pattern Floral Star Canvaswork from Nancy's Needle

15-1643  Floral Star canvas design by Nancy's Needle  $10.40
Canvas design measures 8.3 x 8.3" stitched on 18ct Sandstone
mono needlepoint canvas ( cut size 12 x 12 ).  Threads used are
Caron Collection Watercolors 017, 066, 067 and 270.  DMC
threads needed are perle #5 in color 341 and DMC color
variations #5 in color 4240(2 skeins ).  Also needed is Rainbow
Gallery Gold Rush 14 color 216C ( 3 cards ).

Pattern Ripple Roation 1 by Needle Delights Canvas Work

14-2046 Ripple Rotation by Needle Delights pattern

Design measures 8 x 8 when complete.  It's stitched on
18 ct white mono canvas using TW overdyed Vineyard
silk thread.

Pattern Color Delights Orchid by Needle Delights Canvas Work

14-2050 Color Delights Orchid pattern $7.95
Design measures 4 x 4 inches when stitched on
18 ct white mono canvas and uses Rainbow Gallery
threads, ThreadworX and DMC floss.

Pattern Lone Star by Caron Collection $7.95

8187  Lone Star Pattern by Caron Collection  $7.95
Design measure 6.5" square when stitched on 18ct canvas or
evenweave linen.  Threads used are Soie Cristale in colors
000 Natural, 0020 Black, 1063 Taupe Gray and 1064 Taupe Gray
Waterlilies required are 175 Dark Shadows, 182 Graphite ( 2 sk
if using for outer border), 186 Papaya ( or accent color of
choice ), 263 Salt & Pepper.  Impressions 0057 White or
background color of choice.

Pattern Sapphire Owl Combo XS and NP

15-1394  Sapphire Owl Combo Cross Stitch and Needlepoint
pattern  $14.40

Design measures 9.8 x 18.25 stitched on 12ct canvas using
Appleton wool or 8.4 x 15.6 stitched on 14ct aida using DMC

Pattern Manege D'Alice cross stitch NE102G

NE102G Manege D'Alice cross stitch pattern by Nimue  $19.95
Design measures 10.7 x 12.8" stitched on 32ct Natural linen over
2 threads using DMC floss and Soie d'Alger #2526.

Pattern Poussiere De Fee by Nimue cross stitch

NE57G Poussiere De Fee $13.50 cross stitch pattern
Design measures 6.1 x 5.1" stitched on 32ct Flax
or vintage linen using DMC floss 407, 632, 938, 950,
3770, 3860, 3864 and 3865.

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